Discovering Little Paris - Land of Bureaucracy

Croatians love paperwork.  Whatever you want to do, there are surely a number of papers you have to go through first.  This is true for when you want to live in the country, get employed, or start a business.  There are always hula hoops of red tape that you have to jump through first.  Eventually, you just get used to it.

The question of bureaucracy is, however, a controversial one.  An argument for it is that it helps regulate state affairs, making the lives of citizens organised and more secure.  An argument against it is that it hinders progress by making regular affairs more difficult.

In South Africa, for instance, to get employed you just need to provide your ID and bank account number to the employer.  In Croatia, you need to provide that, proof of your education, a tax clearance certificate and a pension fund statement.  This requires visits to several offices and officiators before you can be registered with an employer.  And that is just to get a job.  Don't get me started on the complex process of getting citizenship.  A stamp being in the wrong place can invalidate a document and lead to needless issues.  But at least after you've jumped through the hoops, you can then take a dive into the Adriatic Sea.

So does the scenery make it worth it?  Not just that, but there's family, heritage and culture too.

Maja Dezulovic

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