Discovering Little Paris - Importing Zulus to Croatia, and exporting Croatian public officers to South Africa

Labour in Croatia is expensive, whereas it is cheap in South Africa. That is why some things simply don't get done in Croatia. If there was a cheap labour force, things like maintenance would get done more routinely. That is why I jokingly suggest that a team of hard-working Zulus would come in handy for some of our projects.

Paperwork in South Africa is a nightmare. When you have to get your ID or something done, you know you'll lose at least a day waiting in line at your local Home Affairs office or license department. Conversely, paperwork moves more swiftly in Croatia. Public officers are efficient and things just get done correctly if you cooperate. The lines are shorter because of it, and because there is a much smaller population in Croatia.

So we can take our two nations and create a better country by taking the Zulus from one and the public officers from the other.

Maja Dezulovic

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