My Two Favourite Therapists - Music and Lyrics

"'Cause music's been my therapy
Taking the pain from all my anatomy
Oh and my anatomy
It's my symphony, always stayed with me"
- Marvin Gaye, Turn On Some Music

I love music.  From a young age, I was exposed to my father's swing and jazz, and my mother's love for eighties ballads and R&B.  My sister and I had a ritual of watching musicals, and I enjoyed listening to the tracks in movies.  Most of the first CDs I bought were OSTs because I was fascinated by the way the music came together with the pictures to enhance the stories.  For a short while, I followed the top hits around the world every weekend, listening to the countdown on the radio, but as I grew older I also became less interested in pop music.

I deviated back to what I'd been exposed to before I started worrying about what was cool - music from the movies, old rock, love songs, disco, and jazz.  From there I used the internet to explore different types of music in order to embrace what I loved.  Music's been with me while I've been happy, cheerfully dancing around and singing along; and it's been with me when I was down, crying softly to the tunes with my ear pressed against the radio speaker (until my parents let me have earphones).

I find so much meaning in music.  I've always wanted to make my own music, but I never ventured beyond writing simple lyrics, some terrible singing, and second level adult piano.  As I spend an increasing amount of time on the things I love, it's only natural for me to fall back on music.  So I'm singing, dancing, writing lyrics, and composing. I'm saving up for that piano, and I'm dedicating this week's posts to music.

Maja Dezulovic

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