Welcome Back My Love - A Poem about Depression

Welcome Back My Love (On Depression)

Welcome, my love
At last, it's time we reunite.
I know for sure that,
you won't let me go
without a fight.

Bring the sleepless nights
the pain
the drama.
Dull walks in parks
tea on the veranda at sunset
blankly overlooking the panorama.

I've never been happy with you
you keep me helpless
and afraid.
A death trap to my
my being,
my purpose un-made.

You come back each time
I hit the bottom.
Only this time,
I've suffered far beyond my lot.
There's no floor to hit
only hollow
I'm sinking through.
Was that another one
of your plans?
Your plot?

You've turned me once
into your dependent narcotic.
Threatening insanity should I skip a day.
I'm sure I can make it without
the drugs this time,
even if I am feeling
somewhat psychotic.

Welcome back, my love
my mind's salvation
and my body's excuse.
Welcome back,
but please don't overextend your use
nor overstay your welcome.

Else, I'll kick you out!

Maja Dezulovic

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