The Girl Who Cried Uncle, Dedicated to Mike Friedman

I don't know if Mike knows how influential he was in helping me gain the confidence to pursue writing professionally.  I met Mike on Hubpages and soon he was following my posts and commenting on my poetry.  He then suggested that I put my poems into a book.  Mike offered to help edit my two anthologies, The 360 Degree Heart and Expressions of Humanity.  He also wrote a foreword for both.  Nowadays I can still say that Mike is one of my biggest fans.  He reads my blog posts almost daily and often shares them on social media.  It's still somewhat surreal to me that somebody can enjoy my writing and promote my work to such an extent, without ever having physically met me (and I'm not exactly a celebrity).  In a sense, Mike is like the uncle I never had, one who supports me and always keeps a watchful eye, sharing wisdom wherever he can.

Mike also helps other writers find their voices and publish their work.  Please check out his website Mockingbird Books.

Thank you Mike.

The Girl Who Cried Uncle

Dear Uncle,

You proved to me
That my work could be great
And I could therefore also be great.

You showed me
That I have a message
And a story
That must be shared
So that we may all learn together.

You opened up my eyes
To this world
An Earth in which people can unite
Without having ever met
But their minds can interact,
Illuminate each other with ideas
And their souls can dance together.

You reminded me
That the only price of kindness
Is sincere good will.

And when I falter
I can recall these lessons
I can cry Uncle
So that I can be saved
From my own insecurities.

Thank you, Uncle Mike
For every girl needs an uncle
A beam of hope
A pat on the back
And an everlasting true friend.

(Mike Friedman and his nephew's daughter Eva, 2011)

Maja Dezulovic

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  1. Maja, you honor me with such kind words. It is my privilege to have been even the slightest of inspiration. I have always found your writing voice to be gentle. Thanks for this.