The Bank of Hearts, Dedicated to Svetlana Ivanova

I wrote this poem for Svetlana Ivanova and published it on Hubpages in 2011.  It was then included in Expressions of Humanity.  Now I'm republishing it here as a reminder of our insightful conversations, online friendship and her kind words.

What is the Bank of Hearts?

The poem below is about a new type of bank. It’ll benefit everyone to open an account so I encourage you to do so.

“We envy people who have a lot of money. Why don't we envy people with big hearts?”
– Svetlana Ivanova (kallini2010 on Hubpages)

Thank you Svetlana.

The Bank of Hearts

I’m starting a business but it won’t make no money
And the crowds will mock me: “How funny!”
A bank of hearts I shall create
And in my books, the accountant will keep record
Of every stone heart liberated!

In the vault I will venture now and then
To remember the smiles and kindness
And recollect every burdened soul that we helped set free.

So it won’t matter if I can count all the pennies in my purse
And digits on my net worth
On one hand.
Money comes and goes
Is used up and disappears;
But one heart touched
Can never be untouched
So my bank balance always grows...

Words on Meaning - A Poem Within a Poem

I rarely explain myself or my poetry but I felt like doing it here.

This poem is about love.
This poem is about light.

It’s about giving
It’s about laughter
And joyous memories.

It’s NOT about entrapment –
locking your
Precious one true heart
In a very dark place.
Because if you do,
How on Earth will the rest of us find you
If you cling to that isolated space?

Only you have the code
To set yourself free.
And the point of it all is
To just be.
Be, be, be...

(Svetlana Ivanova, 2015)

Maja Dezulovic

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