Temptation Half-Island a.k.a. the Peljesac Peninsula

The poem below is about the Croatian "Peljesac" Peninsula, or "half-island" as I like to call it (that's the direct translation of the Croatian word "poluotok"). It is beautiful! My father was born here and I fell in love with it when I was only nine years old, and my heart has been torn between two countries ever since. Actually, it's not "torn" - I am happy to travel. Perhaps I've a gypsy's heart and a nomad's soul...

The poem is also about a mission that I'm on with regards to the place and I'm gaining the strength, courage and knowledge to make it happen.

The "temptation" refers to an attraction towards nature, rebirth and renewal.

Temptation Half-Island

I’m going to Temptation Half-Island
My passions are calling
Rocks between my feet
Visions in my mind
And one huge-ass dream
In my heart!

In September when the foreign rhythm dies
And the clouds come in
The natives chant
And begin the new year’s reawakening!

I’ll be there
In a house of stone
And a village of song
Silenced music and dead melodies
That yearn to be heard once more!

To run and explore
Follow the spirits
That linger there
Forever and ever more!

They’ll tell me how to do it
Precious secrets and guidelines –
With me they will share.
So that I can prove
That I, yes I still care.

Maja Dezulovic

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