Flying: The Stupidest Decision Ever Made (i.e. Follow Your Dreams)

An Announcement

Okay. Hi mom, dad, world. I’ve made a decision. I know what I want to do with my life. I’ve decided that I want to fly. I want to make something of myself. I want to change the world and be remembered for it. I can’t live like everybody else. I can’t be normal. I can’t be like most people. Every aspect of me is unique and I’m going to begin using it.

I don’t want to have my name on a piece of paper define my worth. I don’t want to play Farmville. I don’t want my eyes to die. I don’t want to sacrifice passion for money.

So what do you say?

It’s alright?

“Great” even?

You believe in me?

Wow! Thanks.

What is Flying?

My dictionary says it is “an instance of travelling by air”. That doesn’t sound quite right. I know a better definition. If you watched the first Toy Story movie, you'll know it too.

Flying is falling with style!

Falling with style...?

Boom! Flat on your ass! Bounce back up using your ass as a cushion (it’s a fat ass)! You’re up! That’s style!

Crash! Broken leg. Pick up a stick and limp a bit. You’re up! That’s style!

Slip on your tears. Slip! Slide. Fall again. It’s a slippery dance. Now that’s style!

Flying is really just falling with style. In order to “fly” you must learn to fall with style. One day you realise that your falling with style has turned into real flying. It’s part of the process.

But, falling hurts... I’m not so sure that I want to get hurt.

The Intervention

“Listen lady! Weren’t you supposed to be flying already? We thought you’d made a decision. Why aren’t you acting on it? What are you waiting for?”

I... I’m afraid... I probably won’t make it anyway. I don’t think I know what to do!

“Maja. Stop talking crap!”

Fine! That isn’t true. I know what to do. I’m still in the planning phase. I’m putting out the intent now and then I’ll act on it later. I will fly... One day!

“How is that working for you?! ... Fear can paralize you into inactivity. Life is what you are doing now while you are making plans...” - Dallas W Thompson (commenting on What does Intent Have to do with it?)

Well... I’m not getting anywhere really. It's not "working". I see your point.

“Deciding to fly is stupid if you don’t actually fly! Then you may as well go back to being average.”

I was never average! I’ll never be average! It’s stupid I know but I’ll try it.

I’ve made my decision. I’ve found my love! Now act on it! Forget the fear. I’ll fall, but fall with style. Get up. Keep going. Keep growing. The sky is endless so once I take flight there’s no coming back. They’ll mock me, but it’s only because they’ve lost their wings.

Birds don’t ask where to start, they just take off and start flying.

"Take a flight...  There is nothing to be afraid of... Leave the people with dead eyes behind you..." - Svetlana Ivanova

Taking Off

Have you heard the news?
I’ve given up the Half-hearted blues!
I’ve traded in my clogs for a pair of tap dancing shoes!
- Maja Dezulovic, Half-hearted Blues and Have You Heard The News?

No jokes! I really bought myself a pair of tap shoes.

The First Flight

I remember my first flight. It was a helicopter ride.  There was a raffle held at our primary school. I was about eight years old. It sounded exciting. Many of the kids bought lots of tickets. I decided that I would fly in that helicopter. Although I had enough pocket money for more, I only purchased one raffle ticket. One was all I needed. I already knew. I was one of those kids who flew in the helicopter.

The stars look different because they’re getting closer. They’re looking bigger and brighter.

The people you leave behind look smaller and smaller. They start looking like toys and then they fade into ants.

A friend of mine once said to me: “Reach for the stars, and you might not make it but if you’re lucky, you may reach the ceiling.”

I disagree! There is no ceiling! We built the houses, remember? People placed the construction and the ceilings there. It’s man-made. It’s all made-up. It’s an illusion. The truth is that there is no ceiling. There is no limitation.

My Flight

It’s going to take a lot of hard work but I think I’m up for it. I’m going to do it. Here is my dream...

But why should I tell you? Who are you? Who are you, the reader, to know my dreams? Well, I’m telling you so that you can hold me accountable to my purpose. This is my IOU to you.

This is what I am. This is who I am. This is what you made me. This is what I owe you:

To establish a brand
“Us and we”
And buy-out
“Me for me”.
and turn carbon
into compound
- Maja Dezulovic, Where Am I Going?

I am working on the biggest renovation and reconstruction project in the world. It is only the beginning.

To write more poetry like this
but much better
perhaps also articles
short stories
and novels.

To turn a love for music
into making music.
To indulge in plays
sponsor acts
and direct a cabaret called
- Maja Dezulovic, Where Am I Going?

I will continue to write. I will be read and I will be heard, because I think that I’ll have a message that people need.

But this is my dream. Find your dream. We can all live our dreams and let our aspirations go hand in hand. Realise and recognise your dream and we can fly together.

How Long is the Flight?

I’ve listened to a lot of Jim Rohn’s speeches. He mentions a powerful word. The word is “until”. You do something UNTIL you reach your goal and until you succeed.

How long would you give a baby to learn how to walk? How about a year and then we can call it quits?

No? I didn’t think so. That baby will keep trying until he or she walks.

After they learn how to walk, they can begin to run, jump, skip, hop... Fly!

And so on and so forth. The process is never ending.

To remember to keep going
even when I've no way of really
that I truly am getting
to where I'm going.
- Maja Dezulovic, Where Am I Going?

People may call us crazy. They'll say we're hitting our heads against a brick wall. That's okay. Hitting our heads against the wall in an effort to move it is better than just staring at it.

To risk being labelled
Perhaps it's even true
But, who cares?
God made me
to live as me
not them.
Therefore, I think
it's okay.
- Maja Dezulovic, Where Am I Going?

How Far Are We?

Flying is measured in priorities.

Life is measured by your priorities. At the moment, I spend eight consecutive hours a day sleeping. That’s the most hours I spend doing anything. So, what’s my top priority? It’s sleeping. In sleeping, I dream. Hence, my top priority is dreaming. And as my dreams become reality, I’ll sleep less and live more.

I’ll see you in the sky!

And to all those people who have inspired me and this post:

So, I hope to find you in some of the
ever-so plenty places I'll be.
New friend,
and soul
who has already
through your questions
and heart
enlightened me.
- Maja Dezulovic, Where Am I Going?

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