Tug of War

Our first children's book under Noskin Books was published in Kindle eBook format on Amazon in 2014.

Tug of War is a tale about two puppies that play a game of Tug of War.  This is a photographed short story, ideal for reading to and with young children.  In nineteen pages, we follow their cute but intense game and learn that we don't always have to be the strongest to win.  Perseverance and determination go a long way.

One of the puppies, Leeto, is our very own Cocker Spaniel.  We enjoy watching him grow up, learn and interact with others.  We are passionate about animals and want children (and people in general) to gain a better understanding of them.  Animals are not a threat to us nor are they subordinate to us.  They are furthermore not mere toys or play-things but can make good friends and companions to us.  Each animal is unique and has a personality and needs of its own.  The key to better interaction between us and other species is understanding.  It often starts with a little bit of observation.  This book provides that to young readers by giving a sneak peek into the life and playtime of two canine friends.

We hope that people will you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

*Tug of War is currently unavailable for purchase as we are updating the book, ahead of publishing more books under the Noskin brand.  I will update this as things change.  Please contact me if you have any queries.

Maja Dezulovic

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