Blue Daisies and Purple Grass

The title of this blog is taken from a poem I wrote a few years back.  The poem was inspired by negative images I'd created using my photographs.  The imaging effects turned the yellow daisies in my parents' back garden blue, and the green grass and leaves became purple.  One of my photographs is the one above.  I liked the look of this alternate reality and so I wrote a poem about it.

Blue Daisies and Purple Grass


Let’s pick our autumn daisies
they’re in full bloom.
Before they cut the grass
and send them to
their doom.

Let’s run wild in the sunshine
before it surrenders to the ever-nearing moon.
Sing in the drying rain
and count the seconds passing between
sparkling lightning and thunder-roar.

I’m going to arrange
those little flowers
into a miniature bouquet
that’ll make a child smile
because when she receives
she will know
that because somebody loved
the day was worthwhile.


My life was spent
and pursuing inauthentic passions
of the misplaced type of
material green.

I no longer need a shrine
of accolades.
Of false achievements.
To guard my dreams
with two-metre palisades.

Aspirations are fairies
that turn into demons
if you lock them up too
because your lifetime goes
and you’ll ask:
“What went wrong?”
“Why didn’t I give them a try?”


Oh, you dimwit!
Why do a bit here,
a little there
when you know it won’t
come together?
You simply don’t care!

Why surrender to mediocrity
when you know that greatness
is your top priority?
You ignore dreams of old
and passions strong
to waste hard work on

Fears are unreal.
They’re illusions in your
The joy that’ll come will be
beyond any emotion you’ll
ever feel.
So, stop gawking and wondering
if those old dry wounds
are ready to peel...

They’ve fallen off!

Maja Dezulovic

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