11 Good Quotes by My Famous People - Revisited

Prior to publishing Expressions of Humanity in 2013, I put together a collection of quotes from people in my life that I have remembered and kept with me. These cover various aspects of life.  I hope that sharing them again here will add value and meaning to others.  Thank you to everybody mentioned below.

1. “You’re on the right track, but heading in the wrong direction.” – Iva Corak, English teacher
I wrote this down during class sometime in 2006. For me, it means head forwards rather than backwards and don’t give up.

2. “It’s easy to make money.” – Mr. Wu, friend
Perhaps it gets easier after you learn how to do it in the first place.  Every time I worry about money, I remember this.

3. “Keep healthy, keep looking good.” – Cleopatra Dezulovic, mom
Look after yourself and love yourself.

4. “Charity begins at home.” – Cleopatra Dezulovic, mom
Everything begins with you. Once you’ve helped yourself, it’s your duty to help your loved ones, community, country and world. Start from within and expand into your surroundings. It makes no sense to help strangers when your house is crumbling.

5. “How will you know what you like if you haven’t tried anything?” – Cami-leigh Kennedy (paraphrasing what her mom said), friend
Sometimes you have to try a lot of different things before you discover your passions.

6. “Whatever you do you will be a success... (if) you do everything with a whole heart.” – Cami-leigh Kennedy, friend
Give it your all and you will reap the benefits.

7. “Take the route of least resistance.” – Hardie van Niekerk, friend
Take the easiest, simplest route to where you are going or what you are trying to achieve. Explore proven methods and don’t make life too complicated and difficult.

8. “You can’t call a samoosa a cake just because it came out of the oven.” – Michelle Dezulovic, sister
Don’t prejudge or follow stereotypes. Regardless of shared backgrounds and interests, we are all unique.

9. “Pamet u glavi.” (Keep your brain/mind in your head) – Matko Dezulovic, dad
Think before you act.

10. “Love and light. Love and light!” – Toi Waner, friend
Do everything with love and light because that is true heartfelt intent.

11. “What you need is a bottle of guts.” – Ronnie Carelse, friend
Have the courage to face your fears and just do it!

Maja Dezulovic

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