Time to Get Started on Your Dream Life - Poetry Weekend 14/11/2015

Three poems for today (also featured on PoemHunter):

Dream Life

We walked to the beach
Admired the view
Of mountains
The sea
And traces of history
Had sandwiches
Walked back
It was a Monday
And we were young.

Getting Started

The most difficult part
Is always to get going
On your dreams
To forget the negatives
And trudge on
Because if you don’t get going
There’s no way of ever knowing
If you’ll ever get there.

Time Goes On

While you hold your breath
Waiting for the right moment
The right thing to say
And the perfect chance.
Time goes on.

While you hesitate
And talk yourself down.
Time goes on.

While you waste the hours
On social media
Making small talk
And spending way too long on things that don’t really matter
Time goes on.

And if you wake up,
Sit up
Suck it up
And keep going,
Time will go on
And you’ll get somewhere.

Maja Dezulovic

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