Life's Too Short to Give a Damn - Poetry Weekend 31/10/2015

Three poems for today (also featured on PoemHunter):

Borderline Madness

Borderline madness,
All-inclusive sadness
Coated in plastic joy
And chemical-infused gladness.

No longer do expressions and rants pass as ordinary, okay
Instead you’re shunned,
They turn away.

And what was once borderline
Turns full-blown
But nobody sees,
Nobody knows
Before the descent begins
Into a dark hole infused with specks of light.

But madness remains
So who’s to say you’re mad

We all have it –
An inclination towards insanity
That creeps in
And it is your choice
How much you’d like to tame it,
If at all.

Steel-framed Sadness

Don’t you see?
The photographer shot it.
Happy smiles, matched outfits
And all of that.

Plastic pretenses
Edited into eternity
With a wisp of uncertainty
Hidden in the pixels.

It’s all there
So that one day
We can point
And recollect
Distorted memories
‘Wasn’t it all perfect then?’
‘Wasn’t it all wonderful?’

That will be the definition
Of deliberate insanity
Living for yesterday
Conforming for today
And tomorrow?

Life's Too Short to Give a Damn

‘Excuse me,’ I said.
‘Sorry,’ I cried.
‘I was trying to explain.  I don’t really care,’ I denied.

All they could do was look on and shun me with judgements
Based on misunderstandings.
‘Let’s cherry pick our fights,’ they laughed.
‘Let’s base our arguments on the things we feel.’
They do that instead of listening, understanding,
Trying to experience what’s real.

So I stopped my arms mid-air,
Placed my hands in my pockets,
Shook my head,
And walked away.
Life’s too short to give a damn.

Maja Dezulovic

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