Men Who Wear Nail Polish

I recently saw an article about nail polish becoming a rising trend in men’s fashion.

I was initially uninterested because I think men wearing nail polish is weird, but then I read on. The article continued by recommending men’s nail polish brands and providing tips on the best way to apply the nail polish.

I found this strange. I thought that guy liner and man bags were odd but it turns out that feminine men's fashion trends have gone a step further. Are men really starting to enjoy mani-pedis and painting their nails? If this is the case, I will soon be manlier than the average man (or male fashionista).

I looked at which celebrities fashion bloggers and fashionistas are looking to as trend setters. The likes of David Bekham, Seal and Johnny Depp popped up. A little digging and I realised what these men have in common besides being famous. The answer – they all have pre-adolescent daughters.

When interviewed, Johnny Depp attributed his blue and pink nails to his daughter. Seal said that getting a manicure was one of the ways he got to spend quality time with his then nine-year old daughter.

So, what’s happening is that people are taking the work of little girls choosing to play around with daddy and turning it into a fashion trend.  Admittedly, when worn correctly and styled to complement clothing, I've seen instances in which it looks good.  Johnny Depp does pull off the blue nails look, making it seem whacky and cool at the same time.  However, in my opinion anything that's not black or blue makes a guy look like he's taking the first seemingly subtle steps to becoming a drag queen.

My conclusion: If you have a young daughter, that’s cute. If not, it’s odd and likely also pretentious.

Maja Dezulovic

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