What Does Your Car Say to Her?

The easiest way to impress a girl for the first time with your car is by driving a status symbol. Everybody knows what it means if you’re driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche versus a Mercedes, BMW or Jeep versus a VW, Suzuki or Tata. All the respective vehicles have their advantages and pitfalls but they generally represent a certain income bracket. It is inevitable that the guy in the red Ferrari 458 will get more initial attention than the guy driving an old blue Datsun bakkie. If you are however, looking to attract a girl who looks past your income and does not judge you for the money you earn and the car you drive but rather looks at the person you are, there is hope.

It may be a stereotype but generally men do understand cars better than women do. As a man you may forget this and think that she sees everything you see in your vehicle. It is likely that she has no idea what all this talk about torque means nor does she care. As long as it looks good, is reliable, fast enough and a good ride, she will be happy.

Do not buy a car which you cannot afford. Drive a vehicle that you like but is the most affordable to you. Too many luxury vehicle drivers have allowed themselves to make ignorant purchases and later realize that they cannot afford the insurance, servicing and maintenance required. There is no need to try to look richer than you are. A smarter man making wise decisions is appreciated more. Women find more long-term security in the maturity rather than the wealth of their partners.

Whatever the cost of it may be, remember that your car represents a part of who you are. The way it looks reflects on you and your values. If your car is clean and well maintained, it tells her that you value order and your own appearance. If there is a pile of junk building up on your backseat it shows neglect and apathy. She will wonder if you approach the other aspects of your life in the same manner. Appearing untidy and irresponsible is not the message you want to send out to people.

If you are single, you never know who you might meet or run into. Keep your car in mint condition. You don’t have to have the best car on the road to have it look good. It doesn’t have to cost much either. If you cannot afford a car wash, wash it yourself. If you cannot afford to take your vehicle to its next service, educate yourself and service it at home. A little attention and effort to your car will go a long way. That old blue Datsun bakkie in tip top shape should impress her more than a dirty and underappreciated BMW. If you’re picking her up for a first date the condition of your car will have much to say about you so prepare to impress rather than depress her.

If you are married or in a relationship, make an effort to keep your car clean, tidy and in good working order. The lady in your life wants to feel comfortable and enjoy travelling with you. She wants to be proud when she steps in and out of the vehicle, rather than want to hide her face and run. Especially if you are sharing a vehicle, make sure that your significant other feels loved and appreciated. Even if you drive separate vehicles, what you drive still has an impact on her. Also take care of her by volunteering to wash her car now and again and make sure her vehicle is in good shape by keeping track of services and maintenance. That is your department. She will return the favour in the other aspects she enjoys and it will make you both happier.

The little things you do often hold significant meaning. Women pay particular attention to detail. Looking good and having your assets look good will increase your confidence and attract the right partners and responses. Just take a little time to think about things and act in accordance with what you wish to achieve and receive in return.

Maja Dezulovic