There's a Sale on Happiness

Another year. Another day at the shops. Another crowd. Another sale.

Admittedly, I’ve experienced this to a minimum this holiday season. I’m glad. All the shops are crazy with people doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Honesty, I don’t really see a point to gift giving. Most presents, unless they come from somebody who knows you really well or if they are the result of a request, are useless. They’re just an indication of people feeling socially obliged to conform to the spirit of the season and prove to you that they didn't forget you. Sometimes, after opening the package, you wish they had forgotten you.
“Oh, it’s a set of cute espresso cups which will take up space in my kitchen but I’ll never use. Gee, thanks for the thought but just a tip for the future: leave the cups, give me the money instead.”

If people just gave each other money, at least we’d all be able to buy ourselves the stuff which we actually want. But, there’s not much thought in money, is there? Personally I’d rather put in a little effort into something useful than put a big effort into something that will likely become worthless.

And, so the closet shelves fill up with unwanted gifts. It’s not that bad however. A good stupid gift can always be wrapped again and passed on.

The mass consumerist cycle continues. Somehow we’ve been brainwashed into believing that the more stuff we have, the happier we will be. How about nurturing the things which are of greater value such as relationships, experiences, knowledge, nature and compassion towards each other?

Well, there is an exception. Chocolate. There we have it! The perfect gift. Give me chocolate. There is a point to Christmas after all.

Maja Dezulovic

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