Why We Hate Mondays

Everybody hates Mondays.

Why? What did Monday do to you?

Monday obliged you to get up this morning and get to work. Monday marked the end to a weekend full of parties, socializing, movies, relaxing in your underpants and being your own boss. Monday killed Sunday.

Monday made you remember how much you hate your job, your boss and driving in heavy traffic. Monday is that busy day in which you have to catch up on all the things you neglected to do on Friday. That client or boss who was upset about something which happened on Friday and could do nothing about it chose to harbor their frustration over the weekend, prepared and perfected their speech of complaints in their mind and is now ready to be heard and take it out on you.

Monday is the day that you can reminisce about the weekend with fellow colleagues around the water cooler or during lunch. You get to worry if your activities were more boring than everybody else's. You can up your game next weekend.

Monday is the day reality sets in and you're reminded of the bills you have to pay, the petrol price going up and the wayward politics in this country as represented on street pole headlines.

Monday can make you feel dreary.
But, hang on. Monday is your responsibility. Monday is a day you can be proud of because it allows you to pay off debt, spend recklessly on things you may not need and contribute to our country's ever-expanding economy. You should feel proud that you have something to do and somewhere to go on a Monday, otherwise you'd be just another unemployment statistic begging for aid from hard-working taxpayers like yourself.

Monday may be just another day in your existence. You're a day older and not much wiser. The years are going by and you're wondering what happened.

Monday is not to blame. Your choices are. You chose to arbitrarily hate Monday as it represents the weekly rebirth of something you hate. Monday did nothing wrong.

Monday can be beautiful. Monday can be a day of continued happiness. Monday can mean that you're not only a day older but also a day closer to fulfilling your life's purpose. Monday can be whatever you want it to be. Monday is your choice.


Maja Dezulovic

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